Sunday, April 22, 2012

Octoberfest Vienna w/Mellow Amber

Not much to report today, other than I brewed the final batch of what my awesome wife bought me for christmas... Mr Beer Octoberfest Vienna Lager with Mellow Amber UME.

I absolutely love how easy brewing Mr Beer is. Even with my OCD sterilizing it still takes me less than an hour to brew a batch or Mr Beer beer.

A little change to report... After the low abv's of the last two batches, and some questions on the Mr Beer forum, I came to the conclusion that the yeast provided may not be enough for the two cans of malt. So, I bought a packet of US-05 Safale from my LHBS and poured that in when it came time to add yeast. I'm hoping the little clumps will dissolve, I'm sure I've read similar reports on the forums before, and I did stir the crap out of it.

Original Gravity reading.... 1.039. Maybe 1.040.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

High Country Canadian Draft

Bottling Day! No real news to report. I washed 8 one litre bottles with all natural dish soap, which is free of chemicals like scents etc. I then sanitized the same bottles with the sanitizing solution provided by Mr Beer. The only hiccup I encountered was that I forgot to sanitize the funnel and measuring spoons that I need for adding the sugar I have to put in the bottles, to resolve this problem I simply boiled water in the kettle and poured it over the forgotten utensils.

I measured 2 and a half teaspoons of sugar to each bottle and then filled each bottle from the fermenter. After capping the PET bottles I inverted them 8 times each to make sure all the sugar made it into the liquid.

Only news I can really report is the Final Gravity..... My OG was 1.038 and my FG was 1.014 which gives me an abv of 3.144% which is disappointing. I may have to start using the 'booster' Mr Beer provides or even adding some grains to get the abv up. I know home brewing is more about the taste but I also like at least 4.8% alcohol

Until next time... Relax, Don't worry, Have a Home Brew

Update.... Well, I drank it. With the help of a friend. The taste? DAMN FINE! This is probably the best tasting beer I have made yet. And after much consideration, I got over the low abv. Why? The Taste! I'm really impressed with the taste of this one and I may have to make it again soon... I may go with the Safale US-05 yeast next time to help with the abv, and hope it doesn't mess with the taste.

Final judgement..... I think I've found my new favourite homebrew that will become a staple in my fridge.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012 - 1 Brew bottled, 1 brew fermenting

Well... I haven't written on this thing in awhile (forgot I had the account)

So anyways.. My most excellent wife bought me a few Mr Beer items for Christmas 2011... 3 deluxe refills, and an 8 pack of 1 litre bottles.

So three weeks ago this past Friday I made the batch of St Patricks Irish Stout w/Creamy Brown UME, and I bottled it this past Friday. My only concern was that my OG was 1.036 (reading taken after yeast added) and my FG was 1.017 I think. I was concentrating so hard on the bubbles that I only noticed the 7 and not whether it was .017 or .007. I'm hoping that it was 1.007 because if it's .017 I may have just created beer geysers since it would mean the brew was not finished fermenting. Only time will tell.

So today I mixed up a batch of High Country Canadian Draft w/Pale Export. Everything went as it should have... Sanitized the equipment... boiled water... added HME and UME... put mix in fermenter and added water to the 8.5 quart level.
My OG... 1.038.

I'll be back in three weeks with the FG when I bottle.