Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012 - 1 Brew bottled, 1 brew fermenting

Well... I haven't written on this thing in awhile (forgot I had the account)

So anyways.. My most excellent wife bought me a few Mr Beer items for Christmas 2011... 3 deluxe refills, and an 8 pack of 1 litre bottles.

So three weeks ago this past Friday I made the batch of St Patricks Irish Stout w/Creamy Brown UME, and I bottled it this past Friday. My only concern was that my OG was 1.036 (reading taken after yeast added) and my FG was 1.017 I think. I was concentrating so hard on the bubbles that I only noticed the 7 and not whether it was .017 or .007. I'm hoping that it was 1.007 because if it's .017 I may have just created beer geysers since it would mean the brew was not finished fermenting. Only time will tell.

So today I mixed up a batch of High Country Canadian Draft w/Pale Export. Everything went as it should have... Sanitized the equipment... boiled water... added HME and UME... put mix in fermenter and added water to the 8.5 quart level.
My OG... 1.038.

I'll be back in three weeks with the FG when I bottle.